Trick or Tweet

28 10 2009

One of the most powerful, authoritative and influential corporate voices in the world of UGC and the social web is that of Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford Motor Company, Detroit.  He has over 30 thousand followers on twitter and is a genuine trail blazer in the use of social media marketing and PR techniques.

Today he used this voice to give advice on how to carve a Halloween pumpkin. To be fair it is not the only thing that Scott has talked about on twitter today.   He has referenced the fact that Ford management at all levels have taken compensation cuts.  He alludes to plans for ‘mind blowing’ in-car technology and promotes a post which describes Ford vehicles as ‘world class’.

What is interesting about the way that Scott uses social networks is that he blends the personal with the corporate.  It is a clear example of a trend towards greater informality and using human faces, acting in a personal way as part of the corporate brand and culture.  Though to be fair if I wanted to carve a pumpkin (and I don’t) there might be better places to go for advice.  I mean…ice cream scoops?



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