Longest ReTweet Gap Hits 5 Years

21 03 2011

The longest gap between a tweet being tweeted and then retweeted will shortly pass the five year mark, when someone sometime after 9.50pm PST will RT the first ever tweet from Jack Dorsey, or @jack,  Twitter Chairman and author of “just setting up my twttr”.  You saw right; in its early iteration twitter lacked vowels, and also sported a very natty logo IMHO. Most of the first tweets all said the same thing as they were automated tweets issued as the launch team all got their accounts up and running.

The very observant will note that the URL for the tweet is http://twitter.com/#!/jack/status/20 suggesting that there were 19 earlier tweets but as it appear that the @jack account was the first it’s more likely the URLs were used in testing.  The first real human generated tweet also from @Jack was “inviting coworkers”.

The first person to swear on Twitter was Head of Operations Jeremy LaTrasse who about 15 minutes after the first tweet was posted added “Oh shit I just twittered a little”.

BT Tower Sparks 500 Days to the Olympics

15 03 2011

A few minutes ago the sky lit up around the office and there was a barrage of explosive sounds.  There were one or two worried faces,  maybe due to the fact that we were evacuated in a real fire a few weeks ago from our Whitfield Street offices.

The offices are in the shadow of the BT Tower the source of the pyrotechnics.  They went off to celebrate 500 days until the London Olympic games.  I didn’t get to the right window in time to see very much but others did and here’s a selection of pics.

The Curious Case of Connect.Me

9 03 2011

Earlier today San Francisco web developer Joe Johnston launched his contribution to the social web with a small post via his twitter account @simple10.  It said simply “connect.me beta sign-up launched http://cxt.me/cn2Wfw“.

He doesn’t have a huge following but within hours the twittersphere was buzzing and some high-profile people were registering connect.me profiles without actually knowing what was on offer.  Secrecy seemed to be at the heart of the launch strategy; “We’d love to share more” said the site “but we’re in ninja stealth mode and would regrettably have to kill you.”  Part of the sign-up process seems to have involved (personally I wouldn’t touch it without knowing more) granting access to your social networks with the promise “We’re a better way to manage your connections and a better way for online communities to discover and connect”.

I don’t know about you but it seems pretty asymmetric to me to grant access to your social graph with zero information on offer as to why or what for.  However the desire to register your user name seems to be a big driver as many people did just that.

It looks like connect.me has found ways to get various types of data, particularly from Facebook once the user has provided a one-off authentication.  It will also call on data from Twitter and LinkedIn.   That might provide an exciting way of linking your social networks but equally it seems pretty scary granting that kind of access without knowing why.

Some Comms – Manchester 3.10.11

2 03 2011

The excellent some comms awards took place in Manchester last December and the great and the good in social media communications travelled across Britain to celebrate the very best work in the sector.

There is still time (just) to book your tickets for the follow-up conference where the winners will be discussing the work (you can also phone or email the organisers Don’t Panic on 01706 828 855 or email ANDREW@DONTPANICPROJECTS.COM.  It is probably the first time in the UK that so many first hand case studies will be delivered in the same place at the same time.  I was one of the judging panel and trust me, this work is excellent.

Winner of Best Social Media Campaign & the Grand Prix Awards – FreshNetworks will there to talk about their celebrated Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt.  The British Library will talk about the UK SoundMap project,  Stephen Waddington, MD of Speed will discuss the value of his business blog and there will be award-winning case studies from Twitition and Coventry City Council.  Seventy Seven Social will talk Nintendo and We Are Social will discuss the Marmarati campaign for Marmite.

It’s an awesome line-up and if you work in communications and are anywhere near Manchester tomorrow you ought to get along.

Social PR 2011 – Some Observations

1 03 2011

Here’s the final session from Social PR 2011, attended by 160 plus the many followers on Twitter and on the live stream. I was there for the latter part but from what I saw it was a great conference with plenty of insight and useful information.

Video streaming by Ustream

Here are a few things that I learned.

  1. There are a lot of tools out there for measuring individual influence.  The much maligned Klout has competition now from mpact, ecairns and peekyou.
  2. Evaluation and measurement is ‘the’ hot topic.
  3. The most popular device of choice for the Social PR practitioner is a MacBook.  There was a sea of them out there.
  4. There was a pretty even split between Blackberries,  iPhones and HTC Desires.
  5. If you don’t want to share your slides don’t present at a conference.  People aren’t waiting for Slideshare they’re taking pictures of the slides.
  6. A conference of 160 Social PR devotees is still not enough to get a ‘Swarm’ badge on Foursquare.

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