The Book

‘Public Relations and the Social Web’

Amazon storeThe effect of the Internet on public relations is the single biggest subject of current conversation in the public relations industry. As the world of communications changes beyond recognition, those seeking to communicate must revise and revolutionise their approach.

Public Relations and the Social Web explores the way in which communications is changing and looks at what this means for communicators working across a range of industries, from entertainment through to politics. The book examines emerging public relations practices in the digital environment and shows readers how digital public relations campaigns can be structured. Including information on new communication channels such as blogs, wikis, RSS, social networking and SEO, Public Relations and the Social Web will be of interest to public relations practitioners, students of public relations, and those who work in related areas such as journalism and web construction and design.

The book is published by Kogan Page on April 3rd 2009.   Click the cover image on the right go to the Amazon store or click here to go to the publisher’s site.

One response

17 02 2010
David Clare

This book is my dissertation bible! There is a lack of books on this subject, that are as academic as this anyway. Great book, really helping my dissertation on the Public Relations uses of Social Media (specifically Twitter) in Crisis Management.

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