Spotify 25

My Spotify 25 Playlist

I was recently tagged in an internet ‘meme’ (… a kind of viral …er thing) to create a Spotify playlist.  It’s not really the usual stuff of this blog but I think Spotify is superb and that streaming is the future.  These are not necessarilly my favourite 25 tracks (no place here for my probable all time No. 1;  Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy) but they are all brilliant in their own way and designed to flow as a playlist.  If you use Spotify you can download the playlist here.

Jed Hallam tagged me and Adam Lewis amongst others.  I’m tagging Steve Taylor (no pressure) and Tim Difford because for an oldish bloke (like me) he appears to have impeccable musical taste.

  1. Gorecki  –  Lamb
  2. Catch  –  Kosheen
  3. All my Friends  –  LCD Soundsystem
  4. Ceremony   –   New Order
  5. Mr November  –   The National
  6. My Backwards Walk  –  Frightened Rabbit
  7. Harrowdown Hill  – Thom Yorke
  8. Stronger Than Jesus –  A Camp
  9. Dayvan Cowboy  –  Boards of Canada
  10. Teen Angst  –  M83
  11. Belfast  –  Orbital
  12. Remind Me   –  Röyksopp
  13. Hoppípola  –  Sigur Rós
  14. Halfway Home  –  TV on the Radio
  15. Monkey Gone To Heaven  –  Pixies
  16. Teardrop  –  Massive Attack
  17. Idoteque  –  Radiohead
  18. Venus as a Boy  –  Björk
  19. Orange Crush  –  R.E.M.
  20. Some Candy Talking  –  The Jesus and Mary Chain
  21. Still Fighting It  –  Ben Folds
  22. February Snow  –  Fell City Girl
  23. 505  –  Arctic Monkeys
  24. Tinseltown in the Rain  –  The Blue Nile
  25. It’s Not your Birthday Anymore  –  Morrissey

4 responses

14 03 2009
Tim Difford

Sorry I’m late… here’s my Spotify list… not my favourite 25 but a nice mix of ups, downs and relentlessness…

21 05 2009
Chris Rowan

Can I join in? I did mine then looked at Tim’s – a little crossover.

17 02 2010
David Clare

Didn’t expect to come to Rob Browns website and listen to his favourite music playlist, but since I am I thought I would share my Brit-pop playlist:

3 03 2011
Pete Goold

Sometimes you know you’re going to get on with someone based on musical tastes alone…

A fine effort sir.

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