Follow Friday Five #5

20 03 2009

By blogging standards and the pace of the social wed after five weeks I consider my five Friday blog suggestions to be a well established tradition.  Here are five unequivocally excellent blogs to kick off your Friday with.


1. Media Monkey  Must read musings from media insider(s) at the Guardian. Amusing anecdote coupled with scurrilous suggestion. Who is the monkey?

2.Ear I Am   Well written and frequently self deprecating stuff from PR man par excellence Nigel Hughes. If you want to read about Newton-le-willows, Tranmere Rovers, some PR stuff, having kids, good music, knowing where your food comes and injustice it’s all here.

3. The Marple Leaf   The work of ‘insider’ editor (and former Broadcast magazine journalist) Michael Taylor.  Regularly updated with music, media, politics and Blackburn Rovers, since 2006.

4. PR Squared   The personal blog from the PR and social media guru, Boston and San Francisco based Todd Defren. Good humour and words of wisdom throughout.

5. Slugger O’Toole  From Belfast, Slugger O’Toole has a reputation for intelligent dialogue on a range controversial and important issues in the Republic of Ireland, Britain and the wider world. Penned in English and sometimes in Irish by Mick Fealty and co.


Blogroll, Shmogroll.

24 02 2009

toilet-rollNot long after I discovered the concept of blogging I became aware of the convention known as the ‘blogroll’; the list of blogs, usually placed in the sidebar, that reads as a list of other recommended blogs (you’ll find one to your right and down a bit).

As the web is built on the concept of links, I took it as read that this was a key defining element of what made a blog.  Moreover to be listed on a blogroll was to be included in that blog’s roll of honour.  Not really so.  Very few visitors ever click on the links in a blogroll.  The blogroll here lists just four blogs.  Two are WordPress links which were automatically generated when I set up the blog and it seemed a bit churlish to delete them.  One is for PRMediaBlog where I also post and the fourth is a link to Todd Defren’s PR Squared blog, which I included beacuse I believe that Todd is ‘the’ trailblazer for PR 2.0 or digital PR.  Of the four as the only link with no vested interest, it could be considered to be the ‘control’ in terms of click through.  The results are not spectacular.  The first 5000 visits to this blog generated just three visits to PR Squared or a 0.06% click through rate.

Blogrolls just don’t generated much traffic.  I predict that Todd’s blog will get more visits from this single post than from three months on the blog roll…but that’s up to you not me.

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