Twitter Profile Picture Gets the Bird

18 09 2009


Twitter has replaced the default avatar, the image that appears in your twitter profile or feed if you haven’t uploaded a profile picture.

They have ditched the slightly enigmatic emoticon o_O ( it’s supposed to represent a raised left eyebrow) with a little bird which appears in one of six delightful colours.

A nice tweak you might imagine, however thousands of users have had their pictures accidentally removed and replaced with the new default bird.  They are not happy.

The twitter status blog claims that the problem has been identified and a solution is on the way but at the moment the only thing disgruntled users can do is manually change their profile picture back.  Some users experience further problems when they did this, @astiir lost his custom background.  It is not yet clear whether the fix will automatically restore your original picture or just stop the problem happening with other users.


Twitter Default o_O Avatar The old emoticon based default avatar.

Default Avatar 5 One of the new colourful twitter birds.

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