Follow Friday Five #8

24 04 2009

PoolBall.png image by harrinator1After a couple of weeks absence (Easter and all that) I have another five blogs for you to take a look at on a Friday. It’s the usual plan – I give you five choices and you leave this blog to visit one of them.   The rules are flexible you can come back and visit another and repeat up to five times should you wish to.

It is the usual mix – from the established and mighty to the new kids on the block.  Once again it’s media, PR,  social web, politics and more besides.   

1.  Nikki Girvan First up is freelance journalist and Liverpool based PR Nikki with her take on the landscape of the media and PR, how the web is changing the way we think, work and interact.  Just two weeks old so catch it early.

2. Seth Godin’s Blog From the minnow to the mammoth by the way of mixed metaphor. Godin is author of ten bestselling books that have changed the way many people think about marketing.  This is probably the most influential marketing blog there is.

3. Becky McMichael’s PR Balancing Act Becky is head of the technology and corporate division at Ruder Finn UK. Here is where she posts where she links and what she thinks on subjects that range from The Apprentice to how businesses can cut costs and keep staff.  

4. Open (minds, finds, conversations)…  The musings of Anthony Mayfield on web: media, culture, commerce and the social, political, economic and commercial implications of online culture.  He works for iCrossing, where he heads up social media.

5 Craig McGill  The Scottish Digital Media Guy writing about media (social and not so social), PR, tech,  marketing, content managing and communication. Oh and there’s stuff on comics too.

Follow Friday Five #5

20 03 2009

By blogging standards and the pace of the social wed after five weeks I consider my five Friday blog suggestions to be a well established tradition.  Here are five unequivocally excellent blogs to kick off your Friday with.


1. Media Monkey  Must read musings from media insider(s) at the Guardian. Amusing anecdote coupled with scurrilous suggestion. Who is the monkey?

2.Ear I Am   Well written and frequently self deprecating stuff from PR man par excellence Nigel Hughes. If you want to read about Newton-le-willows, Tranmere Rovers, some PR stuff, having kids, good music, knowing where your food comes and injustice it’s all here.

3. The Marple Leaf   The work of ‘insider’ editor (and former Broadcast magazine journalist) Michael Taylor.  Regularly updated with music, media, politics and Blackburn Rovers, since 2006.

4. PR Squared   The personal blog from the PR and social media guru, Boston and San Francisco based Todd Defren. Good humour and words of wisdom throughout.

5. Slugger O’Toole  From Belfast, Slugger O’Toole has a reputation for intelligent dialogue on a range controversial and important issues in the Republic of Ireland, Britain and the wider world. Penned in English and sometimes in Irish by Mick Fealty and co.


Follow Friday Five #4

13 03 2009

Here are five blogs that you might want to start following this Friday. With four consecutive posts I can safely claim this as a regular feature.  The idea is borrowed from the twitter concept of  Follow Friday with a faint whiff of Ian Dale’s Daley Dozen but with a lower blog count. 

Here are the latest five that you might want to dip into or add to your RSS reader …on a Friday.  As ever it is a spectrum that covers PR, a bit of politics, some media and other stuff to.  Here’s the smorgasbord for this Friday…

1.  Alastair   Love him or loathe him, and for me it’s neither, you can not deny his iconic status.  He’s a journalist, he know’s a great deal and this blog is a great read.  He’s a spin doctor who has reinvented himself as a social web aficionado. Log on and have a look.

2. Stephen Newton’s diary of sorts… One of the first ever Manchester bloggers and the voice or reason.  Stephen tackles big subjects and always has a great angle.  I liked the Cadburys eyebrow ad…he didn’t. One of my top picks since way back when.

3. MAD or Media Arts and Disruption. (Disclosure: it’s from TBWA\ and I work for the group but I’m not involved with the blog) If you work in advertising or marketing, MAD is a must add to your RSS. Great work.

4. PR nowandthen The work of Katie Moffatt or Katie Rocket as she is known in some social media circles. She is self effacing but really gets it all, far more than most.  How many people do you know from the North of England that are currently at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin Texas?

5. Sarah Hartley – The Hartley 2.0 blog, not as essential as H2O  the personal blog of journalist Sarah Hartley who is the head digital honcho at the Manchester Evening News. She blogs for them and also on food hence her social media moniker ‘Foodie Sarah’.

Enjoy. It’s all good.  

Follow Friday Five #3

6 03 2009

A broad spectrum of the blogosphere is covered in the third in the series of Follow Friday Five.  This regular post has adapted the twitter concept of  Follow Friday to the world of blogs and suggests five that you might want to dip into or add to your RSS reader …on a Friday.

As ever there is plenty of PR, meeja and a smattering of some other stuff too.  If you have a spare five minutes today why not have a look at them.

1 WebInkNow    David Meerman Scott is an undoubted thought leader in the field of digital public relations.  His global best seller  ‘The New Rules of Marketing & PR’  has been translated into 22 languages and his latest work ‘World Wide Rave’ was published this week. This is definitely the Friday to be reading the work of Mr Scott.  Dig deep into his blog there’s plenty of thought provoking stuff.

2. Charles on… anything that comes along Charles Arthur is Technology Editor of the Guardian and this is his personal blog.  What you’ll find here is thoughtful, insightful and phenomenally well informed.  He’s considered to be dismissive of much of the PR industry but in reality he just plays it straight.  He provided me with a great introduction to twitter when we conducted a heated debate across the network about whether or not Andy Murray’s twitter presence had been a PR led decision (I still think I was right!)

3. Mange Tout   This is the brand new blog from Steve Taylor, Head of Marketing and Communications at Sue Ryder Care .  They are his personal musings but Steve is a former journalst and his musings make great reading.  Before he was a hack Steve was a snapper and this week there is a riveting first hand recollection of  his experiences covering the miners strike in the early eighties as a freelance photographer.

4. Blendingthemix   The work of social media maestro Paul Fabretti, these observations are based on real knowledge and understanding of the sphere. There has been lots written this week about the foray by into social networks.  I think you’ll find Paul’s views enlightening.

5.   Steve Davies is a PR guy with a  personal blog that focuses on public relations and social globalisation.  He means that too, recently he covered PR in the Czech Republic. The blog has been going since 2005 but recently relauched with a great new look.

They are all worth a visit so my final word is leave this blog to go and visit one (or all) of the above.  TGIF. 


Follow Friday Five #1

20 02 2009


19mmtransparent5diceIt has become a fad on twitter to suggest people to follow on a Friday. Twitter users suggest names and then make the suggestions searchable using the hashtag #followfriday. 

In the same spirit this blog will suggest five blogs to follow…on a Friday.


 1. Wadds Tech Blog    The personal blog of Stephen Waddington, head honcho at Rainier PR.  This week with an interesting take on a twitter spam pub game.

2. A PR Guy’s Musings  Stuart Bruce is a trailblazer in online PR. Always good to see what he has to say. This week he wades into the PR/SEO debate.

3. Ian Dale’s Diary  The one stop shop for gossip, humour and commentary on British politics. This MP’s blog has a phenomenal following.

4. PR Media Blog  Full honest and upfront disclosure, this is the ‘powered by Staniforth’ blog, Staniforth being the PR agency I work for.  Lots of my colleagues writing lots of good stuff.

5. NHS Choices – Behind the Headlines A great piece this week debunking the Facebook gives you cancer story in the Daily Mail.

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