Follow Friday Five #2

27 02 2009

In the continuing spirit of the social web’s Follow Friday this is the second in a series of suggestions of five blogs to follow…on a Friday.

The choices here are all inspired by PR, insights into the social web or both (and a little sprinkling of politics).  

Blogs in general range from those that contemplate navel fluff to those that really inspire and deliver some of the latest thinking.  I have tried to focus on the latter.

 If you have a spare five minutes today why not have a look at them.

1 Chris Brogan is President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency.  His blog has a huge audience and provides real food for thought.

2. Econsultancy blog  This is pretty cerebral stuff. It’s a community where digital marketing and e-commerce professionals compare notes so as you would expect the content is highbrow.

3. Norton’s Notes I first met Chris about a year ago when I gave a talk for the CIPR at Leeds Metropolitan University on Digital PR.  Chris asked some searching questions then blogged about it. It is what convinced me that as a PR person I really should blog.

4. Order Order Guido Fawkes’ (mainly right wing) political outpourings but well sourced and a good read for all that. Guido frequently gets stories before the mainstream media and his blog is read widely in Westminster.

5. Byrne Baby Byrne  Colin Byrne is CEO of Weber Shandwick, and one of the leading figures in UK and international PR.  He is one of the godfathers of PR blogging and we should all be interested in what he has to say.

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