Twitter Outs Trenton Oldfield the Boat Race Swimmer

7 04 2012

Looking for information on the web about the protester that disrupted the boat race today there was nothing via Google News and the in-depth report on the Daily Mail gave no clue as to the swimmer’s identity.

A twitter search revealed his identity in a trice.  His name was spreading across twitter less than an hour after the race was finally completed.  Despite the less coiffured hair in the pictures taken after he was dragged from the Thames, there’s an unmistakable likeness to this image from a conference in Zagreb.

Oldfield had planned his protest meticulously and had prepared a long blog post explaining his ‘anti-elitist’ act of “civil disobedience”.  I’m not going to bore you with his reasons (he does that very well in his post if you are inclined to read it).  A quick search will also tell you that he’s a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and studied at the London School of Economics.  He says in his post  that “part of my inspiration for today’s action comes from a protest action that took place 99 years ago – when Emily Davison ran into Epson (sic) Derby race. On the 4 June 1913 Emily ran into the horse that the king had entered.”  Ironic really considering that Emily went to Oxford.



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8 04 2012

You might want to do some research before writing him off as a loony. I would have sent him this reply, but he is uncontactable:


I just wanted to say how proud I was of you today doing what you did. I didn’t know a thing about it until I saw it on TV.
Have you heard of The Venus Project? If not I think you should take a look.

I woke up to this about 3 years ago and since then have been trying to get my head round it. This was after watching Zeitgeist 1,2 &3 (internet stuff which is freely distributed) and learning about how things really work and how we are completely exploited.

I’m not some embittered crank or anything, I am totally realistic and completely sane, but I am now convinced that most work is slavery and that our whole economy is based on debt and servitude in order to keep us in control.

You list some ideas about what could be done by individuals, but I really really wish there was some kind of a movement. Not one for straggly beard wavers and Jesus sandal hippies (joke – I love hippies ;) but one for ordinary people. I wish that people would watch some of the stuff I have (and probably you have), read a bit, research and inform themselves. If this was the case then I think there would be some kind of a revolution. For the benefit of anyone snooping on your email, by that I DO NOT mean any type of violent attacks, I mean civil and peaceful change.

Well done for today. People will take the piss out of you and mark you up as a loony, but I know that you are just more informed than they are.

All the best,


8 04 2012

He’s a C**T

9 04 2012
Teymour Mirza

Well wow. Mr Oldfield has been “outed”.
The comment regarding Emily Davison going to Oxford University is a little outdated, but good on you for linking to

If this page leads just one person to get off their behind and actually take action against the global elite operation that has been established for the best part of two centuries; then that would not be a bad thing.

Anger is a gift.

5 07 2013

Trenton Oldfield interview – newsnight

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