CIPR and Why the Blog’s Been Quiet

7 11 2011

If your wondering why this blog has been a bit quiet it’s largely because I’m standing to be president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and that’s taking up my spare time at the moment.  Not least given that I have a campaign blog where I’ve been posting my musings as of late.

The vote will be done and dusted in 10 days so it should be back to normal after that.  If you have a passing interest in the contest there’s a debate this evening on CIPRTV, the CIPR’s online tv channel.  I’ll be debating my priorities with the other two candidates, Sue Wolstenholme and Lionel Zetter.

If you want to put a question, you can tweet in your question using the hashtag #ciprtv or you can use the form here.   The programme will be live at 5pm on CIPRTV. It will then be available to watch again on the same site and as a download from iTunes.



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