Social PR 2011 – Some Observations

1 03 2011

Here’s the final session from Social PR 2011, attended by 160 plus the many followers on Twitter and on the live stream. I was there for the latter part but from what I saw it was a great conference with plenty of insight and useful information.

Video streaming by Ustream

Here are a few things that I learned.

  1. There are a lot of tools out there for measuring individual influence.  The much maligned Klout has competition now from mpact, ecairns and peekyou.
  2. Evaluation and measurement is ‘the’ hot topic.
  3. The most popular device of choice for the Social PR practitioner is a MacBook.  There was a sea of them out there.
  4. There was a pretty even split between Blackberries,  iPhones and HTC Desires.
  5. If you don’t want to share your slides don’t present at a conference.  People aren’t waiting for Slideshare they’re taking pictures of the slides.
  6. A conference of 160 Social PR devotees is still not enough to get a ‘Swarm’ badge on Foursquare.



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2 03 2011
Ebony Tamara

1 more everyone seemed to be using TWEETDECK!

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