Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

7 10 2010

Next week I will be delivering a two day workshop to a group of senior PR and communications professionals in Kuala Lumpur about the impact on new media channels on PR.

It’s a testament to the way that social media has changed the world that I am going at all.  One of my favourite quotes about search was written by Clive Thompson in Wired almost three years ago; “Google is not a search engine. Google is a reputation-management system… online, your rep is quantifiable, findable, and totally unavoidable.”

Using search a Malaysian training and events company called Zanerva found me, researched my background and approached me to put together a bespoke workshop for them.   We’ve communicated using only using e-mail and Skype and as a result I will be in the Malaysian capital talking about a global phenomenon.  Marshall McLuhan described the idea of a global village in the early 1960s, over four decades later, the duration of long haul flights notwithstanding, the globe is incredibly connected.

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