Top 10 Web Wonders of the Decade #1

18 01 2010

This blog’s number one web wonder of the decade isn’t Facebook or Twitter, it isn’t even a web site in its own right but it is changing the way we communicate, shop, find our way around and engage on-line. 

The next decade will be all about mobile and the iPhone will no longer corner the market. In fact users of the Nexus One ‘Google phone’ are already hailing it as a better device within days of the launch but for now the future is already here and it is being powered by iPhone apps.

Number 1: Apps for iPhone

The iPhone app store (as it is better known) is the place to go to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into anything from a classic drum machine to a fully featured GPS system.  You can manage your money, decide what to eat (in or out) communicate through social networks and even calculate your gas bill.  As the marketing says, there are “apps for everything”.  In a sense you could say that the app store is number one in the poll because it gives you access to all the top ten via your phone.     

You can drink a virtual pint of beer, plan and monitor a diet programme, have your tweets read out by your phone or even update your blog straight from the mobile.  Many of the apps are entirely free with most of the others priced in pence rather than pounds (or cents/dollars if you prefer).  These micro payments are the most likely way forward for web media to monetize its content.   Get set for the top ten apps of the teenies.



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