Top 10 Web Wonders of the Decade #2

13 01 2010

It may be the number one social network on the planet and the second most visited site after Google but it misses the number one spot on our list of web wonders from the last decade.

Number 2: Facebook

Facebook  currently has more than 350 million active users worldwide.  It is probably also the world’s most valuable web property.  Eighteen months ago BusinessWeek valued the business between $3.75 billion and $5 billion  based on reported that private sales of stock and purchases by venture capital firms.  Despite all of this it wasn’t until September last year that Facebook enjoyed a positive cash flow.

When it was launched in 2004, access was initially limited to students in the US and the public roll out wasn’t until 2006, and it would take another year for Facebook to roll out globally.  The ubiquity of the most powerful of social networks has been achieved in little more than three years.  While the growth of twitter seems to have stalled of late Facebook use keeps on climbing.   According to data from Nielsen this month for the third month in succession Facebook has seen an increase in the number of U.S. users and the amount of time spent on site whilst Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, and even Google all witnessed a decline in users during November.

Facebook has become so ingrained in our culture that the very name has evolved into use as a verb; “I’ll facebook you later”.  So if Facebook is the world’s number two website and the number one, Google is ineligible for this top ten list (because it launched in the 1990s), the what could be the number one web wonder of the decade?  Stay tuned.



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