Top 10 Web Wonders of the Decade #4

6 01 2010

As we hurtle towards the top spot on the list of web wonders of the decade the contenders have all been genuine game changers for the way that we work, rest and play.

Number 4: Spotify

Just now and then a piece of technology brings with it a genuine bacon sandwich dropping moment, an experience that messes with the laws of nature.  I remember one such revelation the first time I paused live TV (with TiVo).   Spotify provided another.  I was able to call up music that I didn’t own, for free, add it to a playlist (of other tunes that I hadn’t bought)  in a player that looked and felt great to use. What’s more I could listen to it whenever I wanted.  Legally.  The highs just got higher when the premium phone version was launched a few months ago.

For those still uninitiated, and the service has only been around for a year, Spotify is a music streaming service that allows immediate access to instant listening to tracks or albums that you call up.  Music can be browsed by artist, album or record label.  It is currently only available in a handful of European countries but for users it changes the way the listen to (and pay for music).  If you want to own the track you can still buy it directly from the player.

As well as being a peer-to-peer based streaming service users can also share playlists with other users.  If you fancy it check the playlist for this blog via the link in the top menu bar.

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