Top Ten Blog Posts of the Year

15 12 2009

As ‘PR and the Social Web’ drifts past the one year mark I thought I’d take a peek at which were the posts with most. 

One of the beauties of the social web is its extraordinary measurability.  WordPress provides a really powerful built-in analytics programme that make extracting the most popular posts  of the past twelve months on this small corner of the web a simple exercise.

When you look at the list there are some interesting themes that emerge.   People like to read about people and that has been a big feature of the most popular entries.  The other thing that seems to have been pretty popular in 2009 is wait for it….twitter. 

So time to click on the top posts link on the WordPress dashboard…

1 Labour Draper is at it Again   The number one post this year with some clear blue water was my tilt at the Labour party social spin meister Derek Draper.  I accused him of lacking the aptitude or inside for social media engagement.  It turned into an on-line spat that drew attention from elsewhere on the web and brought labour supporters and opponents in equal number.    
2. Apple Approves Spotify for iPhone?  The question mark is important here and it demonstrates the importance of scoop.  I had noticed rumours on twitter that Apple was about to approve the Spotify app.  I took a punt and luckily I was right as the official announcement appeared hours later.    
3 McBride & Draper: New Media, Old School  My follow-up piece after Draper and Damien McBride were busted in the smeargate scandal. Proving the point about the popularity posts of people. Helped along if there is a dose of scandal.    
4. Hacked Off with Twitter Spam  The first of a multitude of twitter entries. This one is about the cause and a cure for the twitter hacking scam that continues to plague the network.    
5. Twitter Tips for Jonathan Ross (and others)  A few simple twitter tips spiced up with a reference to one of its highest profile users.    
6. Twitter Profile Picture Gets the Bird   The day that twitter screwed up the avatars of thousands of users.    
7. Celebrity Twitters – Real or Fake?  A subject that continues to draw interest even after twitter introduced ‘verified’ celebrity accounts.    
8. Derren Brown’s Lottery Slips  Mainstream media still drives on-line in a big way (and the time is fast approaching when we cease to distinguish between on and off).  This was Derren Brown’s high-profile return to primetime and we revealed how he gave the game away on his lottery “prediction”.    
9. The Twit that made Stephen Fry Quit  Stephen Fry quit twitter for a bit.    
10. WOM on SocNets, is it the Future?   The title was deliberately abstruse.  I became embroiled in an online debate about the future of PR.  It was also the first time (and I think the last) that I encountered the phrase WOM on socnets. 



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