Now We Are One

14 12 2009

Is it more or less embarrassing to miss a birthday when it is you own?  ‘PR and the Social Web’ is one year old, or one and a bit actually as the first post appeared on the 29th November 2008.

The blog was set up to accompany my book ‘Public Relations and the Social Web’ which was published in April.  The initial plan was to run the blog for the six months up to launch and then three months after.  I then decided to extend it to a full year, but now that the first anniversary has come (and gone) it feels that the blog has a life of its own.  There may be a name change and a redesign for the blog, somewhere along the line but the subject matter will stay the same. 

The book has sold well and is on its second print run so it seems valuable to keep the link to the dead wood and ink version.  Another key reason for the blog was to provide a regular update for some of the themes in the book and that is exactly what it will continue to do .  The social web after all is a fairly fast-moving thing.



One response

17 12 2009

Rob. Congratulations on the first anniversary of the site. I am one of those who has bought the book and, as yet, haven’t had time to read it along with several other “must gave” PR/marketing titles. However, Christmas holidays are here – so I’ll have a bit more time. OMB.

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