Book Reprint Imminent

9 11 2009

I noticed last week that the book to which this blog is a companion ‘Public Relations and the Social Web’ was apparently out of stock at Amazon.  The website is showing 1-3 weeks delivery time.  I checked with the publishers Kogan Page and got the following response from commissioning editor Annie Knight “It’s just reprinting at the moment – it will be available again in two weeks.  It sold out a lot quicker than we had anticipated…”   That was last Friday (6th November) so it should be in stock again in about 10 days.



2 responses

10 11 2009
Craig McGill

Great news! And I can use ‘holding off for the reprint’ as a reason as to why my book review is so late…

10 11 2009
Rob Brown

Craig, you and Neville Hobson …promises, promises!

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