BBC iPlayer on iPhone

8 11 2009

The  BBC’s iPlayer is accessible on the iPhone and iPod touch as well as a range of smart phones.  A search for iPlayer in the Apple app store turns up nothing at all, as the iPlayer mobile is currently a web based application.  It is most easily  accessed via a mobile web browser.   The service is also accessible as a click through via the mobile application (which is how I discovered it).  

Delivering TV on mobile devices has been a key objective for programme makers and mobile operators for years.  The quality of the service at first look is exceptional and this, combined with being ‘first to market’ is a major coup for the BBC.  Rather than aiming for a specific mobile phone platform the BBC is looking to provide a service that is widely available.  According to the iPlayer website all of the following devices should be able to receive the mobile iPlayer:



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8 11 2009

The iPlayer has been available on iPhone and iPod Touch since 2008. This is public.

8 11 2009

Tried posting before but comments failed. This has been widely and publicly available since 2008.

9 11 2009

slow news day eh? iPlayer’s been on the iPhone as long as I’ve owned my iPhone

9 11 2009
Rob Brown

Thanks for all your comments (here and on twitter). It seems that this is not news…far from it the iPlayer has been available on phones for over a year. There is nothing so immediate as the web to put you right on such matters. I’ve made some small amends to the piece so it does not confuse anyone who stumbles across it in the future. Thanks R.

9 11 2009
Cool stuff – November 9, 2009 — Danny

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