BBC iPlayer on iPhone

8 11 2009

The  BBC’s iPlayer is accessible on the iPhone and iPod touch as well as a range of smart phones.  A search for iPlayer in the Apple app store turns up nothing at all, as the iPlayer mobile is currently a web based application.  It is most easily  accessed via a mobile web browser.   The service is also accessible as a click through via the mobile application (which is how I discovered it).  

Delivering TV on mobile devices has been a key objective for programme makers and mobile operators for years.  The quality of the service at first look is exceptional and this, combined with being ‘first to market’ is a major coup for the BBC.  Rather than aiming for a specific mobile phone platform the BBC is looking to provide a service that is widely available.  According to the iPlayer website all of the following devices should be able to receive the mobile iPlayer:

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