Are they Spammers?

5 11 2009

This blog is companion to a book and the blog has a companion twitter feed which doesn’t do much except post URLs from the blog.  It is a convenience more than anything for users who prefer URL’s via twitter to using  a feed reader.  This seems to make sense as over 6000 have chosen to follow the twitter feed – with just over 40 using feedburner.

When I started the  twitter feed I decide to follow back all of the followers – more out of courtesy than anything else and I did it manually.  I still do partly because I don’t want to auto follow bots or spammers.

However I noticed that a proportion of followers then decide to unfollow after I follow them back and I wondered why.  It looks to me that some of them are doing this on huge and systematic  scale just to boost their own follower numbers.  Generally this practise is regarded as spamming.  So I though I would publish the top eight (there are several hundred).  You have a look and decide if you think they are spammers and if they see this and they don’t agree perhaps they can add their comments and explain their approach to social media.


73,340 following 77,122 followers


49 following 39,219 followers


108 following 51,827 followers


10 following 47,621 followers


211 following 40,065 followers


34,924 following 36,329 followers


34,253 following 37,773 followers


123 following 31,281 followers



One response

7 11 2009

I think mostly they are just gits who are some considerable distance up their own smug backsides; people who get a kick out of building up a following while following back as few people as possible.

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