Update: The Twit that Made Fry Quit

4 11 2009

Or didn’t as the case may be.  With his mood lifted by the Californian sunshine Stephen Fry returned to twitter within 24 hours of announcing his departure and apologised to Richard from Birmingham ( @Brumplum ) for the furore.  Richard for his part seemed to be bemused by the attention good and bad and contrite about his description of Fry’s musings. His follower numbers have risen from a couple of hundred to nearly 1500.  

It hasn’t gained much attention but the person who came out of this with the least to smile about was comedian Alan Davies, panelist on Fry’s QI show, who used his twitter stream on Saturday night to hurl abuse at anyone who didn’t agree with his take on the spat.  He has since deleted most of them but you can see a choice selection of them here.  Davies is of course the happy go lucky chap who once chewed a tramp’s ear outside a London nightclub.



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