My Top 20 PR and Social Media Lists

3 11 2009

The arrival of twitter lists has led to a frenzy of list publishing along with widgets and gadgets and even a dedicated on line directory called Listorious.  My issue with the majority of these lists are that they are too long. 

As a contribution to the current list mania I am publishing a top 20 PR and social media list of lists.  The criteria used are that in addition to being on subject, all of these lists are of a manageable size, specifically they list between 10 and 50 accounts.  The figures quoted after each list are the number of twitter accounts that they include at the time of publication.

   @benfurber/media-new-media-people  23

  @uwelang/socialmedia 47

   @kprzewuska/all-about-social-media  14

  @PressPRsVIPs/uk-prs  27

  @djshadow19/pr-ism 13

  @CaSuPe15/pr  20

  @missPRmonkeee/pr-people  14

  @PRProspect/feed  35

  @dorothycrenshaw/pr-sources  11

  @mmmkatya/pr-sm-news  35

  @miguelstil/everythingpr  50

  @jeanette_fuchs/socialmedia  18

  @Blinkblog/comunica-o  40

  @kbuddski/pr 13

  @alexleebehan/pr  33

  @robynslingsby/journalists-pr  25

  @paulruk/pr-watch  28

  @attrACTpr/social-media  35

  @LozanoRP/publicrelations  13

  @walker_pr/social-media  47



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