Update: Hacked Off with Twitter Spam

2 11 2009

Following the twitter hack attack last week, thousands of accounts are still being hijacked by spammers who are using them to send bogus direct messages.  The majority being sent today appear to promote money-making scams.  Colin Byrne (@capbyrne) the CEO of Weber Shandwick in the UK and Europe is one of the latest victims.

The ‘phishing’ attach has been highly sophisticated.  The hackers have employed a bogus twitter login page to grab names and passwords.  It has also been reported that the players of the online game ‘Tribeswar’ have had their accounts hacked.   Users should check the connections tab in their twitter settings page and ‘revoke access’ for any applications that don’t know and trust.  When logging onto twitter check that the url is twitter.com before logging in.



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