This Week’s Best of the Blogs #1

29 05 2009

This is the new weekly feature which replaces the Follow Friday Five for the following reasons:

  • There were twelve FFF’s. That’s sixty blogs and I was starting to find it difficult to find relevant blogs that I liked and had not already referenced.
  • If I’d continued the series the next one would have been number thirteen. ‘Nuff said.
  • The format of the blog requires that images have depth (to make the page stand out) and reference the content.  Imagine how difficult it was to find interesting new pictures that illustrated the number five. (This feature won’t have images).
  • This format allows me to reference good posts, that means I can come back to blogs I like.
  • There’s no number in ‘This Week’s Best of the Blogs’ so it is more flexible, I can choose to reference any number of posts I choose.  I think I’ll start with five.


  1. Convince and Convert – The 6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media  Jason Baer neatly summarises from a PR perspective some of the major popular misconceptions about working with the social web.
  2. Revolution – Twitter founder reveals business plans Finally the scoop on twitter’s plans for market domination…..sort of.  Read the latest at Revolution.
  3. Stephen Newton’s diary of sorts… – Five years of Carol Kirkwood naked An eclectic take on blogs and SEO.  I wonder if this post will take PR&TSW to number two?
  4. – Find us on Twitter  Does exactly what it says on the tin.  A guide to the Guardian’s multiple twitter feeds.
  5.  The Huffington Post – 13 Tips For Actually Getting Some Writing Done Top tips from Gretchen Rubin. No.13, have something to say.  OK I’m off.

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