Follow Friday Five #12

22 05 2009

As usual, politics, PR, marketing, journalism, other stuff all neatly packaged in five great blogs from mighty media megaliths to more modest marketing types.  A great selection of material to take a look out whist your are filling in your expense claims.

This week’s follow Friday five blog takes the total of recommended reads to sixty and that is a lot of blogs.  Whislt there are still many great blogs I haven’t linked to I think it might be time for another weekly feature so this may be the last in the series.  Let’s wait and see but until then here’s a fiver for this week.

1. The White House  Yes, that White House and it has a blog.  How truly modern is that? Links to twitter, facebook and a vibrant comments section….er, actually no comments section.  Not that modern then.

2. The  World’s leading…. gossip site for those involved with technology PR.  Great layout and great content.  This week sees the debate over the world’s oldest twitterer. Fact or PR fiction?

3. Blogstorm  Officially the number 1 marketing and social media blog in the UK this month, discussing internet marketing and search engine optimisation news & strategies.

4. Crackunit  The work of Iain Tate at Poke and a stellar name for a blog.  It looks at the web, advertising and the space in between, plus this week a bit of fun at the expense of MP’s on the take. 

5. Nick Robinson’s Newslog The official and very BBC-ish blog from the BBC’s political editor. The opinion behind the headlines.  Guess what the subject was this week.



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