SEO and the Written Word

19 05 2009

In the rush to populate web copy with keywords the most important thing is sometimes forgotten.  The copy needs to well written, lively, interesting and relevant.  It is astonishing how often this is forgotten in the charge to upload text that will rank highly in Google.   

Engaging content can have a direct impact on search engine rankings and consequently on traffic.   Some websites sacrifice the need for good written content because their search engine optimisation advisors have influenced key words and their placement in the text to such an extent that the site no longer informs or entertains.

What this process fails to acknowledge is that the quality of the content is critical to receiving high rankings, because it will affect the number of pages viewed and the stickyness of the site.   Crafting words is a core skill for the majority of PR people.  We also need to consider how to deliver quality content in all of its other forms – still images, audio and video.  Whilst using the agency or in-house digital camera is useful for the old application for important work we will still tend to use a professional photographer.  The same should apply for audio and video content. 

Words still lie at the heart of all of this.  The right words will bring audiences but in the the wrong alignment they will drive them away, perhaps never to return.



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19 05 2009
Jeremy Dent

Critical balance, isn’t it? And it’s not just words, important as they are.

Structure, balance between headings and body copy and an appreciation of non-linear reading habits are also a key part of the online PR armoury.

20 05 2009

How can we manage that balance without it swaying one way or the other?

20 05 2009
Rob Brown

I believe that you need writers…PR people with that ability or journalists to ensure that the writing is good. It is easier to grasp basic SEO techniques for a writer than it is for an SEO expert to learn to write well, which can take months or years.

23 11 2009
seo companies

Hi Rob

You are so right, neglect will only hold you back

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