Follow Friday Five #10

8 05 2009

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know by now that every Friday I pull together a quick list of five blogs that I like and I think that you might too.   They are all clickable so you can go straight to them and have a look.

This week the list is a little more eclectic than usual but no worse for that. Here is my five penneth worth for this Friday.


1. On-line Journalism Blog  Comment and analysis on citizen journalism, blogging and on-line news from Paul Bradshaw et al. Paul is senior lecturer in Online Journalism, Magazines and New Media at Birmingham City University

2. Toby Young  You either love Toby Young or you feel a bit alienated by him. Either way he is funny and insightful in equal measure. 

3. Push-on If you want to get technical Simon Wharton and the team have it all here for you to lap up. Expect this blog to be well optimised.

4.Simon Alexander  Another Simon and another digital marketing person – albeit one of a slightly different hue.  Communications, marketing and lots of good stuff on games.

5. Jon Ronson  I have followed the journals of Jon Ronson in their many forms since I first encountered him as a cub on Manchester’s City Life.  He wrote a scathing piece on one of my clients but he was very funny.  He still is.



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