Follow Friday Five #9

1 05 2009

Another Friday and another five blogs that you might want to take a look at and even add to your reader, or your web favourites, if readers aren’t your thing.    They are all worth a visit and I’ll put my shirt on that.

The sketch is the same as always some big blogs, some not so big. Some PR, some politics, some other stuff.

1. Micropersuasion This week’s blogging behemoth is Steve Rubel’s micropersuasion.  In his latest post Steve tells us what’s next after twitter and facebook. Resist if you can.

2. Neville Hobson Another big beast of the social web. This time with of a British hue. It includes the twice-weekly “For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report” a business podcast for communicators.

3. Salam Pax  The original Baghdad Blogger who became a cause celebre at the start of the Iraq war with his Dear Raed blog. Sill fascinating, still blogging from Baghdad.

4. PR Voice Blog  The words of the president of the CIPR, Kevin Taylor.  With over 9,000 members the CIPR aims to be the ‘eyes, ears and voice’ of the PR industry in the UK.   

5. Artisan The blog for Rob Baker’s Artisan Marketing Communications. Resolutely Mancunian but with a global view. Great insight and a PR blogging trail blazer that has just celebrated its blogging third birthday.



One response

7 06 2009


many thanks for your recommendation

I think we have only talked one time that has not been through social media. If you want to go for a beer, coffee or lunch, whatever, let me know as it would be good to discuss how social media is being used for business by PR agencies


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