Pirate Radio

3 12 2008


Radio has been available in a number of different ways and across a range of platforms for some time.  Podcasts are essentially radio downloads that aren’t broadcast in a traditional sense (although they may have been). The Director of the Radio Academy, Trevor Dann is in no doubt that radio and podcasts are essentially the same thing.  “I think it’s important that it’s called an Internet radio programme and not a podcast or audiostream because we shouldn’t define the content by the form of delivery.”   

Podcasts are incredibly cheap and easy to produce and simple to make available.  The key however is content.  It is easy to assume that because it is a low technology environment anyone can create a podcast.   As PR people we should need to place a value on the experience of people who have honed their skills in the highly competitive broadcast environment to help us create podcasts that our audiences will choose and want to listen to.



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